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These pallettes were designed by me specifically for drag queens! Doing what i do, I am often found travelling the country to perform at venues all over, and i have found one of the most frustrating things, is remembering to pack everything i need, especially makeup. I cant even tell you how many times i have missed something out and had to improvise! So i had an idea!

I have always done a lot of my makeup with eyeshadows, blush, highlight, contour, its all eyeshadow! So, with the help of a cosmetics factory i have designed these palettes, The 'Essentials' palette contains almost everything for your whole face!  The 'Technicolour' Palette contains all the colours of the rainbow!

These palettes are available singly or as a set of two:

The 'Essentials' Palette contains: Matte Black, 2 x Matte White, Matte Light Contour, Matte Dark Contour, Matte Blush, Iridescent Glitter, White Shimmer Highlight and Red Glitter. 

The 'Technicolour' Palette contains: Matte Red, Matte Orange, Matte Yellow, Matte Green, Matte Blue, Matt Purple, Matt Light Blue, Matte Light Green and Matte Hot Pink.

I chose not to give any of the shades patronising names like most, blue is blue and yellow is yellow if you ask me!

The eyeshadows themselves are super pigmented, very easily blendable, with a very generous 4g of product per pan these palettes will last a long time the whole time being vegan and cruelty free!

The palette is chic hologram black with a handy mirror inside.